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The Power of Data Visualization in ATLAS.ti
In this webinar, we will give you an overview of data visualization in ATLAS.ti Windows. We will focus on ATLAS.ti's powerful Network feature along with additional key features that you can employ in your qualitative data analysis with the program.

1. Word clouds, bar charts, and Sankey diagrams
2. Visualization in the Network feature: Nodes, Routing, Layout.
3. Connecting strategies in ATLAS.ti Networks: Mapping concepts and evidence
4. Link types and the Relations Manager
5. Categorizing strategies in ATLAS.ti Networks: Coding, code hierarchies, and the Code Tree
6. Viewing Frequencies, Comments, and Previews
7. Exporting Networks

Instructor: Amir Michalovich
Language of Instruction: English
Introduction: 5 minutes
Demonstration: 45 minutes
Questions & answers: 10 minutes
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