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Working with Surveys in ATLAS.ti
Learning Objectives
- To learn about the historical background, access to licenses and training in ATLAS.ti.
- Identify with a case study, how to integrate a survey to qualitative data processing in ATLAS.ti 22

Presentation outline
Introduction: 5 minutes
Demonstration: 40 minutes
Questions and answers: 15 minutes

1. Introduction

2. Demonstration
a. Create the project and integrate qualitative data.
b. Preparation of Excel file of the survey to be imported by ATLAS.ti.
c. Importing the survey into the project.
d. Visualization of the survey data in the ATLAS.ti environment.
e. Integration of the qualitative data collected in the fieldwork.
f. Coding of survey data.
g. Examining the survey data in the project as a whole.

3. Questions and answers

Language: English
Instructor: Veronika de la Cruz Villegas
Duration:. 60 minutes.
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